Recommending a Potential Pike

Sending in a Recommendation is not a difficult thing. It just requires a few pieces of information, and getting the right contact. Here's some tips that we have followed that seem to help the process along.

You need to have the following basic information: - The young man's name - DOB - Address - Cell phone number - email address - college - high school attended and GPA - activities in high school (or college if he is already a student)

IF the young man is a LEGACY, you need to be able to identify HOW he is a Legacy. Pike By-laws state that a legacy is a son, brother, grandson, or close relative (cousin, in-law, or step relation). You'll need to be able to supply the chapter where that alumni was initiated.

If you are a BMAA member, you should contact any officer, so we can also give appropriate recs for the young man.

The next step is to identify the rush chairman or chapter president or chapter advisor. This can be done from the website by using the chapter locator, or you can just ask a BMAA officer.

The contact can be a formal letter, email, or just a phone call. The best chapters will always acknowledge the recommendation to you and all brothers who write the recommendation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any BMAA officer.